Another Visual Studio Macro

date:2007-04-04 14:35
category:arcobjects, esri, programming

My start up program when working with ArcObjects is nearly always set to ArcMap.exe As my ArcMap installation had recently moved from an F: drive to a C: drive I had to update this for over a dozen projects. There had to be an easier way (!) so I spent some time trying to find out how to accomplish this with a Visual Studio macro. This can easily be altered to set the start up program for a set of projects in a solution, or to another .exe.

    1 Imports System

    2 Imports EnvDTE

    3 Imports VSLangProj

    4 Imports VSLangProj2

    5 Imports VSLangProj80


    7 Public Module ArcGISMacros


    9     Sub SetStartProgram()


   11         Dim proj As Project

   12         Dim config As Configuration

   13         Dim configProps As Properties

   14         Dim prop As [Property]


   16         For Each proj In DTE.Solution.Projects

   17             If TypeOf proj.Object Is VSLangProj.VSProject Then ‘loop through projects

   18                 config = proj.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration

   19                 configProps = config.Properties

   20                 prop = configProps.Item(“StartProgram”)

   21                 If prop.Value.ToString() Like “*ArcMap*” Then

   22                     prop.Value = “C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Bin\ArcMap.exe”

   23                 End If

   24             End If

   25         Next

   26     End Sub

   27 End Module



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