Creating Previews of PDF Maps

date:2011-01-18 19:27
category:documentation, general, python
tags:maps, pdfs, previews, python

imageThe MapFish print module used by both MapFish and GeoExt generates PDF maps that can be saved to clients machines. Over time you can acquire hundreds of different PDFs, but unfortunately Windows XP does not generate thumbnail previews to help find them again later.

The script below solves this problem by generating a PNG image of all the PDFs in a folder. The image to the left shows the results of the script when run on a series of UN Mission Maps.

This relies on two programs to be installed. ImageMagick ?” a free image conversion software package, and GhostScript another free program that can be used to access, read, and create PDF files. You may have to reboot your machine after installing these programs for the script to run successfully.

The script uses a convert utility program which comes with ImageMagick.



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