date:2007-02-20 01:07

I have recently downloaded, and been playing around with an OpenSource map renderer for the .Net 2.0 framework - SharpMap.

The development site can be found at The development site is stored in CodePlex which is descriped in Wikipedia as a site website for OpenSource projects hosted by Microsoft providing “wiki pages, source control based on Team Foundation Server, discussion forums, issue tracking, project tagging, RSS support, statistics, and releases. ” This is the first time I have heard of CodePlex, but it is an interesting and well designed concept in itself.

SharpMap itself is very quick to install and comes with a set of demo pages that show some very fancy AJAX zooming, WMS capabilities, and symbology. The code classes themselves seem simple to use, and getting some of your own test data into a sample page was quick and easy. I hope to get a sample site together myself in the coming months, as it seems a very useful way to publish data without having to pay extortionate license fees in order to display geographic data - on a Windows server. In the meantime feast your eyes on this lavish screenshot…

SharpMap Rendering



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